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Ruinarch is a wickedly fun evil overlord simulator where you cause havoc on people’s lives before taking over their lands.

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Invade Infinite Worlds

Each playthrough generates a random fantasy world for you to conquer. You have a vast array of spells, minions and monsters at your disposal! While your primary goal is to wipe out all defenders to gain more experience and unlock more powers, you can also simply toy around with a generated world in devilishly creative ways!

Emergent Storytelling

Inspired by story generator games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, weaving tales of anguish and woe are central to Ruinarch’s gameplay. Sure, you could just summon a bunch of skeletons to attack a village, but a true evil overlord toys with his prey first. Inflict the local hero with Lycanthropy and watch as his once loyal friends turn on him when the full moon rises. Turn the local village idiot into a serial killer that has a killing pattern that you personally designed. And if you’re feeling lazy and have no time to be creative, just start a zombie apocalypse!

Multifarious Minions and Spells

Every evil overlord needs minions to command and spells to cast! The nether realm is home to seven types of lesser demons, each one corresponding to a Deadly Sin. Your demons can do some grunt work like defending your demonic structures or invading villages but most of the powerful spells are at your command! You have access to destructive powers like Tornadoes, Blizzards, Earthquakes or Poison Clouds. You can also debilitate characters with various afflictions like Vampirism, Narcolepsy, Cowardice and Pestilence.


  • Generate an infinite number of procedural fantasy worlds.

  • Invade elven villages, human towns, bandit camps, ancient ruins, monster lairs, and much more!

  • Build demonic structures with various world corrupting capabilities.

  • Summon lesser demons and recruit monsters to assist in world domination.

  • Unleash powerful spells and afflictions.

  • Fracture the kingdoms into multiple competing sub-factions to weaken them from inside.

  • Unlock new abilities from three unique skill trees: Ravager, Puppetmaster, Lich.

  • Wipe out the world’s defenders - each one equipped with complex AI that takes into account its needs, traits and relationships.

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