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Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Maccima Games

  • Address: Quezon City, Philippines

  • Founding Date: January 2017

  • Website:

  • Contact:

  • Social: Facebook, Twitter

  • Platform: PC

  • Price: 19.99 USD

  • Availability: Digital Download Only

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Ruinarch is an evil overlord simulator with a focus on story generation. Take control of the narrative by creating obstacles and causing conflict as you invade procedurally-generated worlds!


  • Generate an infinite number of procedural fantasy worlds.

  • Invade elven villages, human towns, bandit camps, ancient ruins, monster lairs, and much more!

  • Build demonic structures with various world corrupting capabilities.

  • Summon lesser demons and recruit monsters to assist in world domination.

  • Unleash powerful spells and afflictions.

  • Fracture the kingdoms into multiple competing sub-factions to weaken them from inside.

  • Unlock new abilities from three unique skill trees: Ravager, Puppetmaster, Lich.

  • Wipe out the world’s defenders - each one equipped with complex AI that takes into account its needs, traits and relationships.


If you are interested in streaming the game, you can request keys on Keymailer.


Download all screenshots here.

Key Art, Logos, Icons

Download all key art, logos, and icons here.